Discover the benefits and estimate the savings you can get from implementing a PlantRun OEE, machine utilization & downtime monitoring system with these free download files..

If you use machines for production you could gain big benefits and savings with a PlantRun OEE, machine utilization and downtime monitoring system.

  • How do you decide if it's worth the investment?
  • What are the benefits to be gained?
  • How do you start to calculate the savings to be made?

To help you we have prepared a document that you can download that explains the benefits, which you can then relate to your own manufacturing situation.

To calculate the savings that can be made there is a simple worksheet you can use, with a typical example to follow. There is also a spreadsheet that will do the calculations for you from your own data. With figures in black & white it is easy to see if it's worth pursuing or not.

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